The two piece from Minneapolis, MN, USA, currently have two tracks for you to lose your groovy shit over as they glide though gritty vocals, bass-laden riffs, and songs that are on the precipice of exploding into a drunken blues furore of dramatic proportions. –

Great fixed stoner/blues/rock. A promising start for these guys. – The

We totally should do something to praise these might duo bands that come out every week… Buffalo Fuzz is one of them, ready to spread some fuzz fueled tunes, following the lead of heavy blues sounds. – Round Trip

You like duos? You life it fuzzy? Well then try Buffalo Fuzz. –

Just what I needed to put me in a good mood for this new week. It’s Buffalo Fuzz, a gritty fuzzed-out duo from Minneapolis… and man can I ever get down with these riffs! – Doomed & Stoned

Buffalo Fuzz lega desde Minneapolis con riffs pesados heredados de la contundencia de las mejores bandas stoner y un aire degradado de lo mas garguero. Un duo de fuzz rasgado y aires arenosos con canciones que siempre cabalgan al borde de una explosion contenida, fuerza y blues broach. –

Lets keep the fuzz going… Buffalo Fuzz is a heavy blues band from Minneapolis. They are a duo that sounds like a wild herd!- The Temple

Wait! You can’t leave me like that after just two songs! My pants are almost down and you stopped! Don’t ever do that again. Record your album and come back to me. You’re such a tease. –

La bonne du jour, le duo Buffalo Fuzz. Un bien bon heavy blues venant de Minneapolis – Le Reverend